HomeServe Cares: Calvetta Williams' Story

Calvetta Williams, a 41-year old single mother of three and owner of an in-home child care business, found out that she had a leak in her water service line just three months after moving into her home in Des Moines, Iowa. The leak was discovered by the local water company, Des Moines Water Works before they began curb work.

In April 2013, she was presented with a $6,700 bill for the repairs, followed by a threat from the city that the leak needed to be fixed by May 6th or the water to her home and business would be shut off.

HomeServe learned of Ms. Williams’s situation via a story in the local newspaper. Wanting to give back to a woman who has done so much for her local community, HomeServe repaired her water line free of charge, keeping water running to her home and business.


HomeServe Cares: The Martinez Family Story

After living in their home for two years, Ms. Martinez noticed a problem with her water heater. She began to notice that her hot water wouldn’t last as long as it used to, and when she looked at her water heater she noticed there was a lot of rust, and it seemed to be leaking.

Initially, Ms. Martinez assumed she would not have the money for the repair so her family would have to get used to the situation. She called her water utility company to see if there was anything they could do, expecting them to say “no”. To her surprise, thanks to a partnership with HomeServe, the utility had access to the HomeServe Cares Fund, and after evaluating the Martinez Family’s situation, they determined that they qualified to receive a brand new water heater at no cost to them!

The Martinez Family’s HomeServe Cares story is just one example of how HomeServe can help improve the lives of your customers.


Joan's water service line repair

Joan, a HomeServe water service line customer, experienced a rare October snowstorm where snow caused a tree on her property to fall onto the street. The result: the uprooted tree damaged her water line pipes, and as the temperatures dropped, the water began to freeze, causing further damage.

Thanks to Joan’s HomeServe water service repair plan, technicians were able to come to her house the next day. They dug a trench from where the tree originally stood, all the way to the front door of her house. In order to make sure Joan and her children had water in their home during the two weeks it took to fix the problem, the technician rigged a spigot from her neighbor’s water supply. In the end, the technicians laid about 70 feet of new copper piping, which was all covered under Joan’s HomeServe repair plan.


Ms. Ferrel's HomeServe story

Beverly Ferrell, a Massillon, Ohio resident for over forty years, received a letter from HomeServe offering water service line protection a few years back. Due to the age of her home, her kids convinced her to sign-up for the coverage. Ms. Ferrell didn’t think about the plan for years until she noticed her water bill had suddenly become exceptionally high and called her water company to investigate the issue.

She discovered a leak in the commode and noticed that there was rust near her water meter. As they investigated to determine the extent of the damage, the meter was so badly corroded that it cracked. Ms. Ferrell remembered that she had a policy with HomeServe, and she called immediately.

Plumbers came that day with a crew of workers to identify the problem and quickly began digging up her yard to expose and fix the leaking pipe.  In addition repairs were made inside and the crew left after reparing the damage.



Ron Guerette's HomeServe Experience

After returning from a weekend visiting his daughters at Ole Miss, Ron Guerette describes the scene at his home as “a real disaster.” A pipe had burst on his property below the concrete and water was shooting out, saturating the grass. Mr. Guerette called at 9 AM on Mother’s Day.  The HomeServe agent told him he would call him back in half an hour.

Thirty minutes later,  Mr. Guerette was in touch with a plumbing company who called to get a little more information regarding the issue he was having. An hour later, the plumber and his crew were at Mr. Guerette’s house and they were able to find the location of the water break – which was under the driveway.  The plumber was able to fix the water pipes that day, which elated Mr. Guerette, as he did not expect anything to be fixed on a Sunday, nevertheless on Mother’s Day.



Becky Cowan's HomeServe Story

Becky Cowan of Louisville, Kentucky has lived in her home for 32 years with her husband and children. As a Louisville Water Company customer she has never had any issues with her water service. She received information from Louisville Water explaining the benefits of having emergency repair and she decided to sign up for multiple HomeServe products to protect her home.

Later that year Mrs. Cowan went down to her basement and discovered water, so she called HomeServe to go over her options. A plumber was dispatched to her home within a few hours and discovered two problems – one inside her home and another outside. As Mrs. Cowan suspected, the pipes had collapsed because they were old. The plumbers began by ripping up the carpet and floor boards in her home to get to the pipes. After identifying and repairing the issue, the plumbers then had new carpet and flooring installed where it had been removed.