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    Aaron Szabo shares his interior plumbing and drainage repair experience
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    Anthony Bracco of Modern Plumbing shares his experience working with HomeServe USA
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    Becky Cowan shares water service line repair experience
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    Beverly Ferrell shares her water service line repair experience
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    Bob Day of San Jose Water Company shares his experience of partnering with HomeServe
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    Jesse Crawford of Ferran Services, shares his experience working with HomeServe USA
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    Joan Shares Her Water Service Line Repair Experience
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    Mike Holt of Liberty Plumbing, shares his experience working with HomeServe USA
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    Ms. Williams shares her experience with the repair to the water service line on her property.
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    Partner Paul Ekstrom of California Water Service Company
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    Robert & Enola share their interior plumbing and drainage repair experience
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    Ron Guerette's HomeServe Experience
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    The Martinez family shares their water heater replacement experience
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    Wanetta Robinson shares her experience with a water service line repair by HomeServe USA

“I was satisfied with the service I received from HomeServe. The contractor was very good and was able to fix my problem fast.”

Adelaide B., Wareham, MA Exterior Water Service Line Customer

“Our entire project with HomeServe, from early stages of integration to laying out marketing deliverables to final implementation, has gone very smoothly. HomeServe has demonstrated a commitment to being adaptable and flexible to our needs, rather than insisting on a “cookie cutter” approach that primarily benefits them. The entire process has been well managed, and I have found every HomeServe contact to be professional, responsive, and a great resource.”

Amy K. Des Moines Water Works

“Modern Plumbing has had a relationship with HomeServe since September of 2008, so going on 5 years now.

HomeServe has given us thousands of customers over the years. Our relationship with HomeServe is a phenomenal one. They provide us with the support we need as a contractor for them…

They say, ‘Hey, what can we do for YOU?’”

Anthony Bracco Modern Plumbing Industries

“Because we’ve been around for nearly 150 years, San Jose Water Company doesn’t do business with just anybody…I think that over the years, HomeServe has developed a sound reputation.”

Bob Day Dir. of Customer Service, San Jose Water

“As far as calling HomeServe and the response time I received, I would recommend the service to anybody I know and also my family. HomeServe gave me the best service they could give and got the leak fixed quickly.”


Daryl B., Philadelphia, PA Interior Plumbing & Drainage Customer

“I was very satisfied with the service and the professionalism, and I would recommend HomeServe to anyone in need of the services. I am very happy to have repair plans with HomeServe.”


Irven C., Pine Bluff, AZ Interior Plumbing & Drainage Customer

“HomeServe is a good partner of ours. They are very timely, and they get us the answers very quickly if we have any problems that arise.”


Jesse Crawford Ferran Services and Contracting

“HomeServe has a knack for thinking from a partner’s perspective and thoroughly understanding their thoughts and needs in order to produce results mutually beneficial to all parties.”

Kevin Turcotte Director at Aqua America

“Everything was handled promptly and professionally. I definitely would recommend the service to my family and friends. I honestly do not think my problem could have been handled any better.”


Mara L., Boise, ID Exterior Water Service Line Customer

“The service was quick, prompt, professionally handled and the problem was resolved on the first trip.”

Michael R., Teaneck, NJ Interior Plumbing & Drainage Customer

“Friendly customer service, quick appointment and workers are 100 percent involved in their job.  I thank you.”

Nelida, Brooklyn, NY Interior Plumbing & Drainage Customer

“I was very pleased with the service. The actual service that was done exceeded my expectations. The contractor did an excellent job, was very polite, kind and thoughtful. He was very thorough when fixing my issue. I have dealt with many contractors before and the thoroughness of this contractor was great to me. I was very satisfied with the service.”

Norma G., San Mateo, CA Interior Plumbing & Drainage Customer

“They are very concerned about making sure that customers are served not only satisfactorily, but excellently.”

Paul Ekstrom Vice President, Customer Service and Information Systems

“California Water Service Company has entrusted HomeServe USA with our customers, and our brand, because of their commitment to innovative products, with service levels that meet or exceed customer’s expectations.”

Vicky Mount Extended Service Program Manager, California Water Service Company